Dear Parent/Carers,
Welcome to this week’s news.
We are going to be celebrating pancake day this year and will be making some pancakes for snack tomorrow.  We will be learning about measuring all week using cooking, rulers with pen and paper, tape measures to measure how many cm the children are, who is tallest, shortest wide, narrow, long short, etc.  We will be modelling the language and would really appreciate it if you would allow your child to measure things at home using rulers or tape measures.  We will also be celebrating world book day on Thursday 2nd March and are asking all the children to bring in their favourite book and if they would like to dress up as a character from the book they bring in they can.
We have a child in the Setting with a nut allergy, therefore we are asking that no one brings nuts or peanut butter etc as part of their lunch please.  Thank you for your understanding with this.
I am attaching the term dates and also a parents guide to the EYFS Early Years Foundation Stage).  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please can you keep your donations for our Spring garden coming in.  Thank you
At the Baby and Toddler group this week Pauline will be making pancakes.
Well that was short and sweet this week, so until next time!
Ro Stanley – Manager            
Shaldon Pre-school