Dear Parent/Carers,
Welcome to this week’s news.
The children had green fingers last week when they began to plant some pansies for our outside area.  We were learning about growing, decay and changes over time.  We will continue to learn about that this week.  There will be more plants to pot and we will also be going on Spring walks to look at our local environment to see what else is growing, how and what things need to grow.
Some good news.  We have now received confirmation that the Victoria Hall will not be used for the local elections therefore we will now be open on Thursday 4th May 2017 for our usual hours.  Unfortunately this means that the contracts for all children that attend Pre-school on a Thursday will have be re-issued and signed.  Thank you for returning them.
Please can you try and remember to bring a coat for your child as we do still go out in light rain.  I would like to thank you for continuing to support us with snack donations and a big thank you for the pots and seeds.  Please can you ensure your child’s name is on all their clothing, shoes and bags as some children have the same.
In the mornings once we have set up, we have a staff meeting to talk about the day ahead and also children’s needs.  These are confidential and we would like to ask parents to try and ensure that their children have been to the toilet before they come to Pre-school so as not to disturb these confidential meetings.  Of course there will be times when your child is in need of the toilet before session starts and we understand this. However more and more children are needing the toilet when these meetings are happening and we cannot remain confidential with people in and out before the session starts.
At the Baby and toddler Group this week.  Pauline will be making bird feeders with you.
Well that’s it for this week.  Until next time!
Ro Stanley – Manager            
Shaldon Pre-school