Our fees are as follows:

£4.00 per hour (for 3-4 year olds)

£5.00 per hour (for 2 year olds)

We are happy to offer extra or one-off sessions to Pre-school children, when you have a need for extra childcare or just want some child-free time. These will be charged at our usual hourly rate and invoices produced.

An invoice will be issued for a half term’s fees at the start of each half term. For more information about our Payment Policy please ask staff for a copy. We can arrange a flexible payment schedule if required. Please email Ro Stanley at shaldon.preschool.finance@gmail.com.

All invoices issued are asked to be settled by the end of the half-term they are produced. Late payment will result in an extra 10% charge to cover administration costs of re-issuing the invoice the following half-term.


There can be no refunds for children who do not attend booked sessions.


Half a term’s notice is required when delaying the start or removing a child from Pre-school, or payment in lieu of notice for any non-funded hours. Parents/carers will be asked to agree to this notice period by signing a contract agreement form upon registration. Please note this only applies to non-funded hours.


Our Manager, Rowena Stanley, is responsible for organising the register and waiting list and she will allocate you sessions as available. You can contact Ro at the Pre-school on 07890 404337.

Early Years Education and 2gether Funding

The Government has a policy to provide free part-time education for 3 and 4 year olds. Your child is entitled to this Early Years Funding from the beginning of the first full term after their third birthday until they enter full-time education.

‘2Funding is also available for some 2; for more information on 2Funding eligibility, contact Devon County Council Family Information service, on email address https://new.devon.gov.uk/educationandfamilies/.

Shaldon Pre-school will provide 15 hours of a child’s funding entitlement. However, if you qualify for the 30 hour offer you can split the funding entitlement between this setting and one which is registered to offer 30 hours of funding entitlement. Parent/Carers have the right to choose how they allocate their funded hours.

We operate on an hourly basis, each session being 3 hours long, i.e. a morning and afternoon session would use 6 hours of funding. Any hours not covered by funding will be charged at our usual fees rate.

When your child joins Pre-school, you will be given a form to register for funding. Each term you will be asked to allocate your funding allowance so that Pre-school can claim the funding direct from Devon County Council.

Please contact Ro Stanley on 07890 404337 or email shaldon.preschool@gmail.com, if you have any queries.

Term Dates

Spring Term 2019
Monday 7th January 2019 – Friday 5th April 2019
Half term:
Monday 18th February 2019 – Friday 22nd February 2019
Summer Term
Tuesday 23rd April 2019 – Thursday 25th July 2019
Half term: 
Monday 27th May 2019 – Monday 3rd June 2019